MEarth's Mission

MEarth educates and inspires through environmental stewardship.

MEarth's Vision

To build an interconnected community of engaged citizens and future leaders by promoting analytical thinking through experience-based learning at the Hilton Bialek Habitat.


“I love the hands-on support I can offer in the garden and contribute to the success of the project in a small way...MEarth has a really impressive vegetable garden going, fruit trees also, and it’s worth checking it out and learning from them so that we, the community, might learn from them and apply their knowledge to our surroundings”. MEarth Garden Volunteer

MEarth's Virtual Resources

Is your family interested in exploring how to make healthy choices for the benefit of ourselves, our community, and the environment? Dig into our food, nature, and garden-based virtual resources created by MEarth educators.

Watch them Here!