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Is your family interested in exploring how to make healthy choices for the benefit of ourselves, our community, and the environment? Dig into our food, nature, and garden-based virtual resources created by MEarth educators.

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MEarth's Organic Garden

We are growing food to feed our community!

Organic Garden

In direct response to the current crisis, the past few weeks at MEarth have been devoted to a multi-phase project to rehabilitate our one-acre organic garden to grow an abundance of vegetables for families in need. Now, our edible garden’s production is more bountiful than ever. We are grateful for the abundance of support from community volunteers who have helped us reach this huge milestone with our first big harvest. We are still in need of support to fund our garden development and produce donations to the community. If you feel inspired to help, please click the button below!



Program Areas

MEarth offers a diversity of nature and culinary programs designed to connect our students – youth and adults alike – in meaningful ways, to each other, their communities , and the world around them.

Program Areas

Through engaging hands-on activities, our goal is to educate and inspire to become better environmental stewards.

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“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."Coretta Scott King