2023 MEarth Day Eco-Exhibitors

Do you inspire environmental conservation and stewardship in your culture, career, community, and business? Come to the 11th annual MEarth Day Festival and share your knowledge, ideas, and products with our community. MEarth asks for a $150 donation to become an exhibitor from businesses or Government agencies. Twenty exhibitor spots are available this year. If you are interested in leading a workshop or training to the Monterey Community at a future date, MEarth can waive this $150 fee for your future service. If you are interested in leading a future workshop please do not move forward with making a vendor payment in Paypal. We hope to see you at the habitat!
    CANCELLATION POLICY If your organization is registered and unable to participate in MEarth Day, you must notify MEarth in writing as soon as possible, before April 26th, 2023. Our refund policy regarding cancellation states the following: 15+ Days Advance Notice in Writing: 100% Refund less $25 Processing Fee 8 – 14 Days Advance Notice in Writing: 50% Refund less $25 Processing Fee 0 – 7 Days Advance Notice in Writing: No Refund
    Tables are available on-site but can be scarce. Pop-up tents are not available for exhibitors. If you have these items on hand, we highly encourage you to bring these with you.
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