While Tiffany was still in the womb, her mom claims that all she could think about doing was eating. Since then, Tiffany has continued to spend her days dreaming about food, reading about food, cooking food, feeding people food, eating food and, most importantly, sharing her love and passion for food with everyone around her. She believes that food can connect us all and, through food, we can become more environmentally, culturally, politically, and socially aware. Her experiences graduating from UC Berkeley with a Chemical Engineering degree, going on to serve in the Peace Corps in Mozambique as a science teacher, and then working for a brief stint in pharmaceutical research, have finally landed her at MEarth as a Stewardship Educator. When she isn’t munching on something in the kitchen or garden, she can usually be found hiking, swimming, diving in and around some body of water in any country that happens to catch her eye.