Raised in rural Pennsylvania and Maryland, Olivia has spent her life developing a powerful, personal relationship with the Earth through time spent outside. In the summer of 2018, she followed an inclination to move across the country on a quest to carve out a life for herself in California.

The wind, salt, and rugged landscape of the Central Coast further affirmed her belief that healing (of all kinds) comes from the simple practices that connect us to the Earth. Olivia is devoted to encouraging others to find empowerment through tending our gardens, getting adventurous in our kitchens, and familiarizing ourselves with local lands and those who lived here before us.

Olivia serves as MEarth’s Program and Administrative assistant, honored to be supporting the mission of environmental education and stewardship. In her time spent outside of work, Olivia enjoys camping in the mountains, running a new trail, laughing in the sunshine, hugging her friends, and reading by the ocean.

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