Growing up in Monterey, Maddie gained a love and appreciation for the natural world through hiking, camping and spending days on the beach with her family. While attending Carmel High School, she experienced environmental science and cooking programs at MEarth, sparking a greater interest in the importance of not only sustaining the health of the planet, but of one’s self as well, and how both are interconnected. Maddie earned her B.A. in Sustainability with an emphasis in Recreation & Tourism Management at San Diego State University in May 2019. Maddie has served as an environmental educator in a variety of areas along the west coast, including Point Lobos, National City and Seattle, where she has encouraged youth to become stewards of the environment through emphasizing the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Her goal at MEarth is to promote students to create an open discussion about sustainability with their families and peers in order to create healthy, empowered communities around Monterey County.

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