Katy Crockett is a long time resident of the Carmel area and was educated in the Carmel Unified School District through middle and high school. Her early experiences at MEarth/Habitat manifested in a lifetime of sustainability practice and education. Katy graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Anthropology with a focus on sustainability courses and infant and maternal public health. She actively sought out opportunities to immerse herself in all aspects of sustainability and social justice, which culminated in volunteer experience at the Homeless Garden Project and an internship at Summer Meadow Farms, where she helped milk goats and make artisan cheeses. Taking her interest a step further, she co-taught a course entitled “Global Action: Food Justice” through College Nine at UCSC. Upon graduating, Katy worked as a co- chef and cook at San Francisco State University Sierra Nevada Field Campus. Katy has worked in the Food and Health Services field for the last 5 years as a teacher, chef and server.   Katy is excited to continue her adventure in sustainable learning as an Educator at MEarth.