Juliet comes to MEarth after a long career at the Monterey Bay Aquarium where she oversaw the Aquarium Adventures Programs. She brings her love and passion for inspiring conservation of the world’s ocean to the land and to the stewardship programs at MEarth. She developed her love of nature following her mother around the hills and trails through California, and still remembers all the times her mother got her lost in the woods.  These early childhood experiences inspire her to find ways to increase the opportunities children have to experience the wild world around them and to loose themselves in nature. She believes that these opportunities are key in growing the next generation of environmental stewards.

Along with a passion for wild places, she also enjoys the simple beauty of her backyard. Nothing brings her more pleasure than bringing a homemade dish to a potluck from the bounty that she grows by hand. Her small backyard “Treehouse Ranch”  has been her farmstead for eggs, tomatoes, citrus, and flower bouquets. It has also been the stage for many musicians that have had the opportunity to perform at her and her husband’s house concert series, Treehouse Concerts.

“The most exciting thing about beginning a new career at MEarth is being able to bring together my love of nature, gardens and food while working to build community around exciting programs that inspire adults and children to find ways to build healthy and sustainable lifestyles”.  — Juliet