MEarth offers a diversity of programs that are designed to connect our students in meaningful ways to themselves and the world around them. Through powerful (and fun) hands-on activities, our goal is to provide students with practical skills that empower them to become tomorrow’s environmental leaders.


The Hilton Bialek Habitat, where MEarth operates, was founded to connect children with nature. Our NatureConnect programs invite students to learn and grow in our native plant gardens and explore diverse bird, insect, and small mammal ecosystems on our 10-acre “habitat” through citizen science data collection. Our programs awaken a sense of wonder and curiosity, changing the way our students interact with and think about “nature” and their place in our interconnected natural world. Our Carmel River Watershed and dunes restoration projects in particular cultivate our students’ sense of ownership and pride in a job well done, and instill an deep appreciation for environmental stewardship.

*These programs can be scheduled after school, weekends and during school breaks.



Food is essential to our existence, yet in the hustle bustle of our modern life we have become disconnected from our food sources. The simple act of preparing a meal from scratch is no longer part of many families’ day-to-day existence. Our FoodConnect programs immerse students of all ages in the simple joy of learning how to grow, harvest, and cook foods that are healthy for both the people who eat them and the land on which they are grown. When people gather around a table to share food, magic happens. FoodConnect welcomes everyone to nourish their minds and hearts by forging connections and lifelong healthy food-related habits.

*These programs can be scheduled after school, weekends and during school breaks.



Our ClassroomConnect program invites Carmel Unified School District teachers to work hand-in-hand with experienced MEarth staff members to bring traditional classroom learning to life with memorable, hands-on custom curricula. For nearly a decade, MEarth staff have collaborated with classroom teachers to create standards-based elementary, middle and high school curricula that compliment Science, Math, Social Studies, 6th Grade CORE, and World Language classes. Classroom teachers and students alike delight in the change-of-pace and in learning together in our gardens, LEED Certified Green Kitchen, and watershed microenvironments.

*These programs can be scheduled as school-day field trips and classroom “pull-outs”.



Healthy, connected, resilient communities are the key to our sustainable future. Borrowing from indigenous traditions around the globe, we believe that teaching the next generation is a community project. Our CommunityConnect program provides opportunities for our local community to connect with our habitat and programs. We welcome community members to volunteer in our gardens and kitchen, and to participate and learn at regular mission-driven community events. At MEarth, we believe that by working and playing together, we will build a more sustainable future.

*We offer many CommunityConnect opportunities throughout the year, watch our calendar of events to get involved. It is also possible for us to tailor programs for specific groups, please get in touch, if you are interested.