Our LEED certified Green Classroom allows students to experience how a building can be used to help sustain the environment.  The multi-use space houses a state of the art, indoor cooking classroom where the faculty of CUSD and MEarth design and provide cultural, historical and sustainable cooking programs for students from the district and across Monterey County. The Green Classroom also serves as a beautiful venue for community events, from professional chef demos and “pop-up” dinners to teacher training workshops. The building was designed by a husband/wife, Berkeley-based architectural team, Arkin Tilt Architects, to model sustainable building practices in action. Arkin Tilt incorporated an array of custom ecological design elements to make the building itself a stellar teaching tool: passive solar design, photovoltaic panels, solar thermal hot water heating, eco interior design finishes, daylighting, energy & water efficiency, living roof, rainwater catchment and a ‘laundry-to-landscape’ greywater system. Check out how the building is functioning in real time with our Building Dashboard.