Learn to mix your own fun, complex, non-alcoholic beverages for your next get-together, with bartender, Kelly Kuhn!

Too often, “mocktails” are extra sweet and unimaginative, but it is possible to make non-alcoholic drinks that are exciting and actually complement the food they are paired with. In this workshop, you will learn some tried and true recipes for mocktails that will wow your guests, and try your hand at making your own non-alcoholic concoctions! And as a bonus, you’ll learn about using ingredients sustainably, like leftover bits you might have thrown out, as well as fresh herbs and fruits, to create unique and interesting flavors. Alongside the demonstration and hands-on workshop, enjoy light appetizers celebrating the vibrancy of summer’s bounty, with ingredients sourced locally and straight from MEarth’s organic gardens, expertly paired with mocktails by Kelly Kuhn.


Youth age 12 and under can attend for free, with an adult attendee (at a 1-to-1 adult to child ratio).

About Kelly Kuhn:

Kelly Kuhn has taken a meandering path in and out of the hospitality industry, beginning with serving jobs in high school and progressing to bartending in college. Even while working in other careers, she continued serving and tending bar on and off, on the side. Inspired by the craft cocktail movement and her experiences in Houston’s exceptional dining and drinking establishments, she returned to hospitality full time upon moving to California in 2016. In addition to her time behind bars, Ms. Kuhn also managed Pescadero Mexican Restaurant and Barmel, Carmel’s premier nightlife spot, creating the cocktail menus for both businesses. Ms. Kuhn currently bartends at Alvarado Street Brewery in Monterey, and is engaged in various other projects on the side. She is focused on increasing sustainability by, among other things, utilizing kitchen waste as cocktail ingredients, and is always searching for ways to bring new and exciting ideas to her cocktail creations while keeping things straightforward and focused on the guest experience.