MEarth has been in partnership with Carmel Unified School District for over 20 year and officially incorporating on December 16, 2008. We are excited to be going into our 10th year as a non profit and reflect on the history and changes that have transpired over the past 2 decades.

In our ClassroomConnect program, MEarth staff supports Carmel Unified School District teachers to bring traditional classroom learning to life at the Hilton Bialek Habitat. Taking advantage of eight distinct habitat ‘laboratories’, as well as the LEED Certified green building, MEarth staff collaborate with classroom teachers to create science and culinary-based curricula that compliment Science, Math, Social Studies, 6th Grade CORE, and World Language classes.

ClassroomConnect was the first MEarth program hosted at The Hilton Bialek Habitat. Out of it came our 3 other programs, FoodConnect, NatureConnect, and CommunityConnect. In an effort to serve more of Monterey County, FoodConnect and NatureConnect were created to educate and inspire youth, primarily underserved, about the importance of being connected to their food sources and their environment. Through CommunityConnect we educate adults and children alike to be better stewards of the land and our community. In all of our programs we strive to connect our students in meaningful ways, to each other, their communities, and the world around them through the different classrooms and laboratories at The Hilton Bialek Habitat.