MEarth Testimonials Flower ImageA very wise chef told me once that “if your produce doesn’t come with dirt on it, it’s probably been touched one too many times before it got to you”… this thought always swims in my mind and gives me a bit of anxiety every time I get a clean vegetable delivered to the restaurants I’ve worked in.  There are some very obvious hurdles to sourcing wonderful product whenever you cook in a restaurant kitchen, but luckily our primal urge of growing, harvesting, and cooking with fire are always there to keep us in line.  Cooking a pop-up dinner at MEarth immediately puts a chef back inside the elements of creating… I consulted with Tanja on the product that would be available as well as product available through her partners and with a little help from some amazing chef friends, we put on a humble show that translated all of our harvest into a simple family style dinner.  If I could do that in a restaurant every day I would be in heaven.  MEarth is such a cool opportunity for a rapidly growing “local food aware” generation who are interested in the distance their food travels before they consume it – book end that with the design of the building and cooking with fire, and you have a relatively sustainable operation that has undoubtedly illuminated the minds of many.  I am a huge fan of everything that MEarth does, and would love nothing more than to continue working with them long into the future!

– Yousef Ghalaini, Chef de Cuisine  The Bench


While growing up, I have always questioned what I wanted to accomplish within my lifetime. Working with MEarth has allowed me to answer that very question because it has given me the opportunity to recognize the beauty of our natural environment and the importance of protecting it. I only hope that one day I will be able to make the same impact in the world that MEarth has had on me.

– Francis Atkins, MEarth Alumni & Current Undergrad at Cornell University Sustainable Design Program


Thank you to the late Hilton Bialek and all others who contributed to make the students from two second grade classes from Highland School have the educational time of their life. Long live The Habitat!

-Carol Shadwell, Teacher Highland School


Core students learn history in many places around the CMS campus, but one of the most exciting places is in the Habitat. You may not believe it, but in the Habitat we learn about ancient cultures.  We start the year with an archaeological dig when we bury the tools we make in the style of Cro-Magnons. In the Habitat, we also make food that the ancient people ate like flat bread from the ancient Israelites, lassi like the ancients from India, humus like the ancient Greeks, and honey and figs like ancient Romans. We experience green tea tasting in our study of ancient China.  Also, we have other “ancient” experiences like digging irrigation ditches as the early Mesopotamian farmers did, and making papyrus and felucca boats like ancient Egyptians did.  While we do these activities, we are learning how the ancient civilizations survived. As a result, 6th grade students love learning history in the Habitat just as much as we do in our regular classroom!

– Sophia S., 6th grader at Carmel Middle School